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Sifting Through Millions of Electronic Messages

The french weekly "le canard Enchaine"  revealed in its latest edition that morocco has made a purchase of a software that can track the Internet content of the entire country.
According to the weekly, the company Amesys, which is part the French conglomerate Bull,  has been awarded a $2 million contract for the supply of computers, hard disk storage and the installation of the spy software "Eagle". The Eagle software can sift through millions of electronic messages indiscriminately and take names and keywords and other relevant information. It can also identify connections to the sites that are monitored, it can identify senders and recipients of emails, and it can access the contents of intercepted emails and phone calls.
The weekly reports that Amesys, the developer of the spy software, will provide not only the hardware and software but also the training, probably, through  "advisors" from the French services"
The journal doubts that this material is to be used to monitor particular outlaw sites. "This type of installation will detect connections to certain sites deemed suspicious and even intercept email messages in the millions.  The content of internet traffic will be sifted and mined for information by the government ".

Another French company Qosmos has made a similar spy software sale to the country of Syria.

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