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Moroccan immigrants in Spain return to their Home Country

The Spanish daily El Mundo has recently published an article on Moroccan immigrants in Spain, highlighting their return to their home country in greater numbers. Many of them are reported to have lived in the host country for more than two decades. The Spanish newspaper says that the return comes as a bid to escape the economic crisis that has struck Spain since 2008.
The southern European country is apparently in the midst of an acute economic depression that lead the rate of unemployment among the 780 000 Moroccan expats to reach an unprecedented percentage of 50, 7. Many of them decided to return to the home land.
While some returned along the members of their families, others preferred to work in Morocco and keep the children in Spain. This wave of return started during the period of 2006 and 2007, but it has seemingly taken on a greater dimension.
The Spanish newspaper gave examples of Moroccans who returned home and left their children in the Northern neighbor for educational purposes. This is the case of Nurdin Fakir Salhi, who immigrated to Madrid 25 years ago. Now, he starts from scratch and opens a store in Tangiers to earn a living and most importantly to support his family in Spain.
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