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Does TD Bank Owe a Debt to Midtown Lunch?

I was hurrying toward the R train at Elmhurst Avenue with a group of friends - having just eaten a belt-busting Sichuan meal - when I spotted an ad on the mezzanine level. It was a subway billboard for TD Bank ("TD" stands for "Toronto-Dominion"), and it seemed to claim foodie cred by referring to a rather obscure ethnic snack: a Moroccan kofta sandwich served from a truck.
Now, New York is very shy on Moroccan food. In fact, I can think of only four Moroccan restaurants in town. We simply don't have that many Moroccan immigrants, and few diners here realize what a magnificent cuisine Moroccan is, especially the subtly flavored clay-pot braises called tajines.

I did some sleuthing and discovered there is indeed a Moroccan food truck called Marrakech Chefs that has historically parked at Water Street and Old Slip, mainly serving burgers named after Moroccan cities. Midtown Lunch printed a picture of the truck's menu and yes, down at the very bottom, you can see the truck serves a Moroccan kofta sandwich.
Did the copywriter at the ad agency read about it on Midtown Lunch? Or did the copywriter actually see the truck? Wherever the bank got the idea, the ad is clearly aimed at currying favor among foodies. Or is it? Maybe the kofta sandwich served from a truck is something the bank thought was so far-fetched, that it could be used to flatter New Yorkers about how wonderfully diverse their city can be, while diverting their attention from the fact that the bank isn't really from New York.
Hope the advert has at least helped Marrakech Chefs out with some increased business.
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