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Traveling To Israel with Moroccan Passeport

Washington / Morocco News  Board --Given the ambiguous nature of the relations between Morocco and Israel, given that about half a million Moroccan Israeli jews live and in Israel and that a fair percentage of them are still attached to their Moroccan origins and an active flow of Israeli citizens visiting Morocco for religious or tourism every year, add to to this,
the official stance of the Moroccan government relating to the palestinian conflict and you have a fogey stew that keep private citizens of both countries unsure of what to do in matters practical matters concerning travel, residence, currencies and other issues.Lost in this whole situation are practical issues concerning private citizens from both countries relating to practical matters concerning travel, residence, currencies and other issues.

The example bellow listed at yahoo answers, by a Moroccan lady ,Shaimae, reflects the luck of precise official informations.
I'm planning to visit Israel sometime on July, i'm a female who is 18 y.o Moroccan but who lives in Switzerland. I have few questions
1. Given the fact that I have a Moroccan passport would it be difficult for me to get a visa ? And is it true what they say about the inceptions of arab muslim passport holders ? (like holding you for hours for questions)
2. Would it be a problem if I enter Morocco with an Israeli stamp on my passport ?
3. Compared to Switzerland, how expensive is Israel ? (I'm not really that rich so if you could give me an idea about how much the trip would cost)

There were a couple of answers so far to this issue.
One from Shay P. "
1. There shouldn't be a problem, matter of fact our Center of Statistics, reported that Moroccan tourists make more than 60% of the total arrivals from Africa. 
NO, you will not be detained for hrs..... UNLESS there is a "hidden" reason, one that is probably known to you.

2.Israeli authorities will NOT stamp your passport if you ask them not to. I have two acquaintances who live in Morocco, they visit Israel rather regularly. 

3. Accommodations, food, clothing, shoes are all cheaper in Israel.. (been there done that).
The cost of your trip depends on your style of living, a hotel room can cost 75$ per night at a 3* or 500$ (or more) at a 5*. eating out can cost 7-10 $ for breakfast 15-20 $ for lunch, 7-10$ for dinner, public transportation is very cheap, car rental is about the same as it is in Europe (booking online will lower the cost considerably), clothing are much cheaper than in Switzerland, unless you go to an exclusive boutique, but items will still be cheaper than Switzerland."
And the other from "Dean": "
1. As far as I'm aware, Israel doesn't forbid Moroccan passports, especially since Morocco isn't that hostile a nation to Israel. Yes, ties are not what they used to be, but all in all Israel and Israelis don't have much beef with the nation. If anything, you can at least talk to the Israeli embassy in Switzerland, and let them know if there is a special protocol or something. 

Unfortunately, there is some truth to having that kind of passport. Some. It's not a rule, and it's certainly not something to worry about even if they do ask you some questions. If you have nothing to hide, then what I've heard is that it's not a big deal. The reason behind this is that air travel has been used quite extensively against Israel and Israelis in the past, so they've had to evolve methods to protect themselves. They are considered some of, if not the, best, so really, they should realize that you are good, especially if you talk to the Israeli embassy beforehand. You aren't the first Muslim female from a nation not Egypt or Jordan to come to Israel, and you won't be the last, and they'll probably not bother you. 

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