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Spanish police arrest pedophile mistakenly pardoned in Morocco

MURCIA, Spain -- Police in Spain arrested Daniel Galvan Vina, a convicted pedophile who had mistakenly been pardoned by the king of Morocco, Interior Ministry officials said.
Vina, 63, was captured Monday at a hotel in Murcia, Spain, after the government in Rabat, Morocco, issued an international arrest warrant, Spain's El Pais reported.
Vina was convicted of raping 11 children between the ages of 4 and 15 and was sentenced to 30 years in prison in September 2011. Vina was also found with pornographic videos of himself raping the children.
He was released from jail in July along with 47 other Spanish prisoners, causing hundreds of angry protesters to gather Friday outside Morocco's Parliament building in Rabat.
Moroccan King Mohammed VI revoked Vina's pardon Monday, saying he was released in July by mistake, the royal office announced on its website.
Government sources told El Pais the Spanish Embassy drafted two lists to present to Mohammed. One was the names of 30 Spaniards who had petitioned to serve their sentences in Spain and a second had the names of 18 inmates asking for a royal pardon.
Moroccan officials combined all the names together on one list -- Vina's was on the first list of 30 -- and presented them to the king for a pardon.
The Spaniard will go before the High Court later this week to determine if he'll be extradited back to Morocco to finish serving out his sentence.
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