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The plane of Barthe Cortes (BVC) hijacked in Congo

DR CONGO - At the end of June 2013, three armed men hijacked the plane owned by Barthe Cortes., the owner of BVC Airlines. The hijackers did not manage to take off. Gathering speed on wheels, they rammed neighbouring areas, a part of village, fields, and warehouses. As witnesses claimed, when the plane stopped several metres further, armed BVC workers surrounded the plane. Two shots were taken from the plane towards them but no one got hurt. After two hours, the kidnappers agreed to talk to Barthe Cortes on the spot. The conversation took place inside the plane and lasted not longer than 20 minutes. The exact contents of conversation are unknown, still, after the talks, the kidnappers agreed to hand over the plane voluntarily and leave the place.  Barthe Cortes did not report the hijacking officially and  refused any comments.
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