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Thousands in Morocco protest Israeli attacks on Gaza

Thousands of people from all over Morocco hit the streets of capital Rabat over the weekend to stage a mass national march to express solidarity with the Palestinian people and to condemn the ongoing Israeli offensive on the Gaza Strip.

The march was held to reiterate the stand of the Moroccan people from across the political spectrum, human rights associations and trade unions, supporting the Palestinian cause and in condemnation of the Israeli action, the Maghreb Arab Press (MAP) reported.

The march was organised Sunday by the Moroccan Association for the Support of Palestinian Fight and the National Action Group for Supporting Palestine.

It also called for a firm stand by the international community against the Israeli offensive and underlined the need to bring to justice Israeli leaders for crimes against humanity and Palestine's holy sites.

In a statement to MAP on the sidelines of the march, Ali Abdellah Qablaoui, political advisor in the Palestinian embassy, said that Morocco's King Abdullah VI, and the country's government and people have continuously supported the fight of the Palestinian people and have used all means necessary to take initiatives backing their cause and the right to a free and independent state.

Qablaoui urged Israel to stop its repeated attacks against Palestinian and added that Sunday's mass demonstration was a reflection of the Moroccans' solidarity with the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people.
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