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MASEN concludes integrated partnership on solar technology

Moroccan Agency for Solar Energy (MASEN), the Energy and Alternative Energies Commission (CEA) and the Alcen group signed, on Monday in Rabat, several parallel and complementary agreements to develop industry and R&D in the field of solar energy to boost their expertize and know-how.

 Initialed by chairman of MASEN's board of directors Mustapha Bakkoury, CEO of CEA Daniel Verwaerde and president of Alcen group Pierre Prieux, this partnership was made possible thanks to the partners' conviction that the development of renewable energy is necessary to be part of the energy transition dynamic under way, by giving concrete substance to the underlying socio-economic opportunity.

 These agreements concern MASEN's strategic acquisition of 50%, alongside Alcen group, in the Alsolen company, which is active in solar thermal technology, in addition to the establishment of a research laboratory in Morocco by MASEN and CEA and the launch of several collaboration and competence transfer projects.

 Speaking on this occasion, Bakkoury said that these tripartite agreements seek to promote solar technology as the fresnel, with the prospect of developing an industrial basis for R&D and innovation.

 For his part, Verwaerde said that this partnerships is a real industrial experience of using thermodynamic solar technology, citing seven future areas of cooperation which will enable to develop technologies that are a generation ahead of competition.

 Prieux noted that the success of this large-scale project hinges on a continuous technological optimization and competence-building.
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