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Moroccan woman 'marries' dead man to collect inheritance

A Moroccan woman is being tried in Kenitra city, about 40 km north of Rabat, for getting married to a deceased man to inherit his fortune.

The convicted woman is being investigated by Moroccan authorities for forging official documents, while a search is still on for her alleged accomplice, who pretended to be the bridegroom to perform the marriage, Moroccan newspaper Al-Sabah reported.

The incident occurred when the convicted woman assisted the funeral of the deceased dressed in mourning clothes. She introduced herself to the dead man's family as his widow. The man had died in a car accident.

The brother of the dead man filed a complaint against the woman who claimed that she had intended to marry the deceased and had begun the administrative procedures. But they could not legally marry.

The alleged widow showed her would-be in-laws their marriage certificate, which was officiated two days after the bridegroom died.

She tried to convince the family that the marriage official made a mistake when he mentioned dates on the marriage certificate.

The woman returned to the marriage official to protest the date, which aroused suspicions and the prosecutor was then notified.


source: nerve
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