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Morocco issues arrest warrant for Paris attack suspect

Moroccan authorities issue an arrest warrant for Paris attack suspect Salah Abdeslam 

The hunt for Europe’s most wanted man has spread to North Africa after it emerged that Moroccan authorities issued an arrest warrant for Salah Abdeslam, the only alleged attacker known to have escaped alive after the massacre in Paris a month ago.
Belgian-born French national Abdeslam fled Paris after allegedly dropping off three suicide bombers outside the national stadium on the night of the coordinated attacks that left 130 dead and more than 300 wounded.
The Moroccan warrant for the 26-year-old’s arrest was issued late last month, it has emerged. A Moroccan security source said it was not clear whether Abdeslam had fled to Morocco or another North African state.
The news came as the Swiss city Geneva remained on heightened security alert amid an ongoing hunt for suspects allegedly linked to the Islamic State (Isil) terror group who had entered the country this week.

Abdeslam is known to have been in Holland, Greece, Austria, and Hungary before the attacks, and “probably has a support network in several European countries,” a source close to the investigation said.
Earlier reports said he may have managed to return to Syria, where he had trained with Isil before travelling back to Europe to allegedly participate in the Paris attacks claimed by the terror group that controls swathes of Syria and Iraq.

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